A. Return to Work

  1. Only identified personnel will be allowed entry at project sites (see Project site Masterlist for Phase 1 submitted to ACI – Covid-19 TWG).
  2. Employees not included in the list for Phase 1 will be treated as Visitors.
  3. Changes or additional persons that need to be included in the lists for Phase 1 must follow the same re-entry guidelines and protocols set by ACI and must seek approval from ACI-Covid 19 TWG.

Note: Both ACI Workers and  Workers of ACI Subcontractors and Service Providers  who stayed at the Barracks during the duration of the enhanced quarantine period will be prioritized for the 1st Phase.

B.  People

Note: This applies to Team Members Returning to Work, and to 3rd Party Subcon or Service Provider

1. A returning worker who, based on the qualification stated below, has satisfied at least 3 items must secure a Barangay Certification stating that he never left the Area during the whole duration of the ECQ period.  This will then be presented to the DOH accredited Doctor during his/her Medical interview and examination.

    2. After securing the Barangay Certification mentioned in Item 1, The returning worker then submits himself/herself to an accredited DOH Doctor for an interview and Physical Examination and at the same time present the Barangay Certificate to the Doctor.  After this, If based on the assessment of the doctor, the returning employee doesn’t need further tests, the returning worker now will ask for a Medical Certificate from the Doctor who made the assessment. This will now be the “Medical Clearance” to be submitted to HR.

    3. For a returning worker who needs further testing as prescribed by the DOH accredited Doctor, He must coordinate with the Project Nurse and Project site HR for Testing assistance.

    4. The returning worker who underwent medical RDT must pass the Re-entry guidelines and protocols as mentioned in the ACI Return to Work Playbook before reporting back to work.

    5. Prior to re-entry, Team Member/s must undergo orientation related to the guidelines and protocols for Return to Work.

    C.  Medical Consultation and Testing Procedure:

    1. Each worker shall fill-up and sign a self-declaration questionnaire.

    2. DOH accredited Doctor shall conduct assessment and physical examination to the worker.

    3. Based on the Doctors’ evaluation, the Doctor may opt to give a:

    4. The Medical certificate will serve as clearance for workers for their fitness to return to work.

    5. For those undergoing further tests like Rapid Diagnostic testing (RDT), administration of the   test must be performed by a doctor or a trained health professional in a clinic or in the agreed testing area where the TM is situated (if service is available). All precautions in relations to test administrations must be observed in alignment with the following DOH Guidelines: 

    6. TMs requiring testing shall contact Project Nurse or Project Site HR and should be assisted and provided instructions by HR.

    7. Tests will be administered through any of the following 2 options:

    8. TMs shall remain in the isolation area until test results are available.


    – For Doctors who will administer the Medical Examination of our Workers, We prefer those Doctors who are not actively engaged in current hospital works.

    – Where applicable, ACI prefers a “No Contact Medical Examination Procedures” during Medical Assessment and Physical examination is preferred. May ask assistance from Project Nurse at Site.

    -Latest DOH protocols shall be strictly followed.

    Project Site Delivery Guidelines & Protocols:

    1. Eliminate, and if not possible limit, physical interaction with and between suppliers. Online or phone orders, contactless delivery or managed entry is encouraged

    2. Delivery personnel including drivers must pass through mandated health check guidelines and protocol by ACI security personnel prior to entry.

    3. Security may deny entry to the delivery personnel who do not pass the mandatory health check guidelines and protocols and must inform the PM and receiving team member in-charge of their decision.  

    4. Receiving will be done at the project site’s designated receiving area. When receiving goods, make sure that physical distancing is practiced and goods delivered shall be disinfected by the receiving in-charge.  

    5. Delivery personnel and ACI staff shall wear Face Mask at all times.

    6. Provide hand sanitizers/alcohol, foot bath at the entrance gate area. 

    7. No employee or any other individuals shall handle the items until the hauling by the delivery persons is completed.

    8. Delivery truck tires shall undergo disinfection before it will go to the designated area where the item will be delivered. As necessary, delivery persons will handle hauling down of the items to the designated area.

    9. Delivery persons shall go back inside the vehicle and will go directly outside the plant after the delivery. 

    10. For Individuals that will handle packages and documents:

    Project Site Visitor Restrictions:

    1. No visitors permitted at ACI Site Offices unless entrance is approved by the Project Manager.

    2. All approved visitors must pass through the mandated health check guidelines and protocols by the ACI security personnel prior to entry as reflected in ACI playbook:

    3. Approved visitors must be cleared from influenza-like symptoms, with body temperature of no more than 37.4

    4. Approved visitors will be asked whether they live or had been to a high-risk area.  If so, Security Personnel should inform the PM and visitors shall be denied entry. 

    5. All visitors must wear a Face Mask throughout the duration of their visit.

    6. One visitor allowed at one time for all project site locations.

    7. Visitors must be allowed to use facilities such as toilets and canteens, albeit with the appropriate precautions (such as allowing only one user at a time and regular cleaning).

    Other General Guidelines

    1. Existing guidelines on site access control for subcon, suppliers, visitors shall be strictly followed. (reference: ACI Return to Work Guidelines/Protocol/ Project Site Return To Work Protocols)

    2. Existing guidelines on Social distancing during work shall be strictly followed.

    (reference: ACI Return to Work Guidelines/Protocol)

    3. General travel policy shall be observed.

    (reference: ACI Return to Work Guidelines/Protocol)

    4. Regular disinfection activities of facilities and equipment will be observed

    5. Activities shall be under strict monitoring by safety officers at site to ensure compliance to standard, IATF protocols, and other govt. safety regulations.

    Everyone is expected to comply with these protocols to help safeguard the health of our employees and partners. These shall be implemented until further notice.

    For Strict Compliance and Implementation, 

    Aboitiz Construction Inc.

    For questions and concerns, you may send us an email at aci.reputationmanagement@aboitiz.com

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