Our People

Our team of engineers, designers, project managers and support function teams work with clients and stakeholders at every stage of the construction business process to ensure that projects are delivered on time, safely, and with quality.

Aboitiz Construction Engineers

Together for the long haul

When you join Aboitiz Construction, you join one of the established construction companies in the country. Present in the industry for 45 years, our organization and our people value loyalty to our clients and stakeholders over the years. We give importance to succession planning, ensuring we map out the right people with the right skills, capabilities, and experiences, in the right place at the right time.

Aboitiz Construction Careers

Personal Growth

The growth of our people is our top priority. At Aboitiz Construction, we provide you a wide range of opportunities, exposing you to different roles, departments, and project locations. We equip our team members with learning and development initiatives for constant personal and professional growth.

Aboitiz Construction Careers

Innovation (Finding a better way everyday)

Teamwork and collaboration is embedded in our nature. We work together to deliver quality and meaningful solutions. We support changes and innovations that make us better. We embrace new systems and initiate new processes. We challenge our team to be agile. We redefine efficient ways of working for the construction industry.

Aboitiz Construction Careers

Winning with Integrity

For us in Aboitiz Construction, we value honesty and doing the right thing even when no one is looking. We are dedicated to delivering on what we promise and ensure we are compliant to standard operating procedures. We foster lasting relationships with our stakeholders that are built on trust.

Aboitiz Construction Careers

Shaping a Better Future

We are committed to building a better future by investing in our people. Our team members take pride in their purpose in the organization. Big or small roles; everyone plays a vital role in fulfilling our mission, purpose and promise. Here in Aboitiz Construction, our leaders encourage us to go out of our comfort zones and challenge us to make a personal contribution to advancing business and communities.